Monday, March 31, 2014

1551d 2014/03/31

1551d 2014/03/31 12:55–13:05 EDT Foxmead observatory deck 8 4cmrr

Sun: Nice flare at 12:58 involved in sunspot group near centre of disk. Many small prominences along left limb. A couple of long filaments on right upper half of disk. 44x.

Image from yesterday from Big Bear Lake, inverted compared to view in PST (Coronado Personal Solar Telescope):

Flare in sunspot group left of centre (light in this image) and filament below and to left had both rotated further onto the disk today.

Furr came out and joined me, standing guard over the animal burrow at the corner of my deck.

It was good to be back out on the deck looking at the Sun!

Temperature = 9.1°C

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