Monday, January 13, 2014

1550m 2014/01/13

1550m 2014/01/13 06:00–07:35 EST Foxmead E window 3 ne 10x50b

Watching the sunrise through thin layers of clouds, looking for Venus, which passed inferior conjunction two days ago. Finally spotted at 07:33 it between two layers of clouds. It was visible as an extremely thin horizontal crescent in 10x50 binoculars, horizontal because it is directly above the Sun, still below the horizon.

Temperature = +0.9° C

Inferior conjunction was on January 11 at 7 a.m., so this was just slightly more than 48 hours later, not quite as close as my 1961 observation 27 hours before inferior conjunction, but still impressive. Venus rose at 07:15, 18 minutes before I observed it, and the Sun rose at 07:54, 21 minutes after I observed Venus.


  1. Aside from the two transits of Venus this century, this is actually the closest to the Sun I have ever observed Venus, separation 6° 28'. My 1961observation was closer in time, but the angular separation was larger, 7° 11'.

  2. Hi Geoff:

    Glad to hear from you, it has been a while since I've written.

    I still follow talking telescopes and Starry Nights, but I don't post any more.

    I am still interested in the night sky and am in a small informal group of amateur astronomers that rejects what seems to be inevitable politics of the formal groups.

    I've recently made the acquaintance of Normand Fullum. I and 3 others of our little group spent 2 days with him at his factory near Montreal. Normand is an amazing fellow and if anyone deserves great success, he does. I have briefly used one of his 32" Newts on an alt/az mount of his design with goto. Superb craftsmanship. Unfortunately, we had big moon. However we were on the Northern Bruce at the time and we all had some best ever views.

    Normand was there and we assembled the scope under his supervision. All the metal work was out flaw and things bolted up without requirement of a single hammer.

    Take care Geoff, you are a real trooper.

    Best regards,

    Richard Jordan
    Near Chatsworth, Ontario.
    C11, MN61, TV85,CGEM, PST and Canon 60Da

    1. Hi Richard,

      Good to hear from you. I still have fond memories of our pleasant evening at the Carr comparing nice little refractors!

      Clear skies!


  3. Wow, amazing! I have 10x30 Canon IS Image Stabilization binoculars. I will have to go look for Venus! Thanks for posting your report.

    Stephen Zumbo
    Tucson, AZ