Monday, October 1, 2012

1526d 2012/10/01

1526d 2012/10/01 11:40–11:55 EDT Foxmead E pad 8 10cmrr

Sun: Observing with Bob's 100mm achromat, 25mm Kellner (60x) and 12.5mm orthoscopic (120x).  The image of the Sun is crisp and colour-free. I counted 14 spots in 3 groups for a sunspot number of 44.

There is a bit of vibration in the Sirius mount after touching the slew buttons, but the mount isn't snugged up yet because I want to do a polar alignment next clear night. I had to fool the mount into tracking the Sun by having it do a 1-star alignment on an invisible star, and then slewing manually to the Sun. Next time I will choose a star close to the Sun to align on, and then have the scope point to Mercury. It would be only a short slew to the Sun.

I wish this mount's computer allowed the Sun as a target. Maybe this is possible with a newer version of the firmware. Time to upgrade.

Temperature = 19.5°C

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