Sunday, September 30, 2012

1525d 2012/09/30

1525d 2012/09/30 11:30–13:00 EDT Foxmead E pad 3 10cmrr

Finally attempting to set up and test Bob Sparrow's 100mm f/15 achromatic refractor, built by Ron Irving using a Vixen spec. objective:

Bob loaned this to me a while back but I've been having a hard time getting myself organized to test it properly. I set up the Celestron CGEM mount over a month ago on the concrete pad on the east side of our house. Today when I tried to mount the telescope, I discovered that protruding bolt heads on the dovetail prevented it from mating with the Orion saddle converter. So I carted the CGEM back inside and set up the Orion Sirius GEM instead. By the time I had everything set up and balanced, the Sun had mostly disappeared into heavy clouds. I waited for about half an hour, and then packed it in. Of course, the Sun immediately peeped out! However it looked dismal, so I did not try setting up again.

What I really want to look at with this telescope is Jupiter, hopefully in the next few nights.

Thanks to Blake Nancarrow, I think my CPC 1100 is back in operating condition, though there may still be an intermittent loose connection. On Blake's recommendation, I bought a new, more powerful (2.5 amp.) power supply.

Temperature 17°C

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