Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1505e 2012/03/14–15

1505e 2012/03/14–15 20:10–22:00 EDT Foxmead POD 8 13cmrr

 Mars: 190x: Boring side again.

Venus: 108x: getting close to half-Venus (57%).

Jupiter 190x: 3 moons on one side, 1 on the other.

Deep sky: M42-3 @ 38x and 108x: Beautiful as always.
B33, Horsehead Nebula, seen at 38x with H-beta filter and averted vision. I located a pentagonal pattern of stars and navigate from that to find a faint darkening on a very very faint nebula. Occasionally the "head" would jump out at me, but I tink that was "averted imagination"!
Also M78 (bright after the Horsehead!); Rosette, Christmas Tree, and Hubble's Variable Nebulae with OIII filter (faint wisps of nebulosity); M50, M46, M47, M41. Mostly at 38x

Back to Mars: still boring.

Temperature = 4.7°C

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