Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1502d 2012/03/07

1502d 2012/03/07 13:30–13:45 EST Foxmead POD 8 13cmrr

As a birthday present to myself, I mounted the 127mm Explore triplet apo on the CGEM in the POD and observed the Sun in white light using my Kendrick Baader solar filter. There were 22 sunposts in 3 groups, for a sunspot number of 53. using the 25mm 70° Explore eyepiece, magnification of 38x. Image was crisp and colour-free when sharply in focus. Here's a white light image from Big Bear:

If the sky stays clear and the temperature warm, I hope to observe the cornucopia of planets which will be in the sky tonight.

Acronyms explained:
apo = apochromatic refractor
CGEM = Celestron German Equatorial Mount
POD = SkyShed Personal Observatory Dome

Temperature: 11.4°C

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