Monday, August 18, 2014

1555m 2014/08/18

1555m 2014/08/18 05:00–05:35 EDT Foxmead E window 8 ne 10x50b

Close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. At 05:00 a large cloud covered the eastern sky, but this cleared away by 05:30. Jupiter could be clearly seen naked eye as a separate and much dimmer object. The view was improved in 10x50 binoculars.

Joe Rao has posted a list of similar conjunctions:

DATE                            SEPARATION               WHEN VISIBLE

1975 February 17               10 arc minutes            Evening sky
1999 February 23               11 arc minutes            Evening sky
2014 August 18                 15 arc minutes            Morning sky
2016 August 27                  5 arc minutes            Evening sky
2039 November 2                14 arc minutes            Morning sky
2056 February 12                8 arc minutes            Morning sky

I observed the one in 1999, actually the evening before, as the evening itself was clouded out.
Michael Watson has posted a nice image of the conjunction:
Temperature = 10°C

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