Monday, June 9, 2014

1554e 2014/06/09/10

1554e 2014/06/09/10 21:45–22:10 EDT Foxmead POD 8 28cmsc

Jupiter was blocked by house as sky was getting dark, low in the northeast. Mars was too blurry with 11mm Nagler (254x) so I backed off to the 16mm Nagler (175x). The disk is very small, 11 arc seconds and obviously gtibbous, but I could still see hints of dark albedo markings. The limb looked cloudy. No sign of polar cap, probably lost in limb haze.

Saturn was lovely at 175x, with Cassini Division plainly visible, plus a couple of moons. I hadn't made a chart ahead of time to identify them.

Finally I moved to the Moon, waxing gibbous, 11.4 days old. The Sun had just risen over Aristarchus and the Schröter Valley.

The mosquitoes were ferocious, as I expected, but I didn't feel like slathering on the Muskol, so I called it a night.

Temperature = 13.4°C

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