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1514d 2012/06/05

1514d 2012/06/05 16:00–20:00 EDT Foxmead POD & SW field 8–3 28cmsc ne

Transit of Venus
40 members of the Barrie, Midland, and Orillia astronomy clubs gathered in the field southwest of the observatory to observe the transit of Venus:
Elgin Quesnelle
Nicole Quesnelle
Marilyn Morris
Holly Pattenden
Fracois ven Heerden
Len Morris
Gord Michener
Peter Ridout
Greg Rothwell
Doanld and Dorothy Macdonald
Muriel & Alex Sinclair
Jack & Vilda Reid
Paul Cornish
Richard Lane
Dave Robitaille
Jordan Robitaille
Bruce Irwin
Alma Cruise
Louise Gervais
David Hyndman
Craig Welbourn
Doreen Holmes & Keith
Marg Walters
Helen Renaud
Vicki Sherwood & Bill
Mary Moreau
Robert Strachan
Dale Langfield
Alexander March
Buzz & Adam March
Kinga March
Jayne Evans
Geoff Gaherty

While most of the observers were out in the field, I stayed in the POD with the 28cm SCT at 70x, with the Kendrick full aperture solar filter in place. I concentrated on Venus' appearance between first and second contacts. I missed first contact because I was concentrating on the wrong limb. After I detected first contact, I tried to see Venus off the solar disk, but without success. Venus was extremely sharp, with fairly good seeing. I could see no trace of any atmosphere. Clouds obscured second contact, so I could not see whether the Black Drop was visible. Once Venus was fully on the disk, I went down to the field where François van Heerden and Dave Robitaille had set up a hydrogen alpha scope and Mallincam to record the transit and display it on a monitor for the people gathered. There were several other telescopes set up by those present.

Shortly after second contact the clouds closed in for good, except for a brief instant around 20:00, when the Sun peeped through with Venus still in transit.

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