Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1487e 2011/10/05–06

1487e 2011/10/05–06 19:40–20:35 EDT Foxmead POD 8 28cmsc

Polar alignment of  CGEM. I first aligned mount on Enif and Alpheratz, and then used the Polar Align feature to polar align in Enif. This was a good choice, since it was right on the meridian. Checked by finding M31 and M15, both of which were dead centre. Then I went to Jupiter which was a little off, but probably because it is near the horizon. Callisto right over S pole of Jupiter. Came in to warm up at 20:35. Temperature 5°C.

— —  22:00–22:50 EDT

Jupiter still well within field after 1.5 hours away. 255x was too much magnification; better at 127x, Much detail within NEB.

Uranus: Tiny disk at 127x.

Neptune: Even tinier at 127x.

DSOs: M31, M32, M110 (very faint), M33 (very faint), and M77 @127x.

Double stars: γ Ari, 30 Ari, λ Ari, and ζ Ari @127x

The Moon: Plato, Straight Wall, Tycho and Clavius well placed, 127x.

Temperature: 2°C.

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