Friday, September 9, 2011

1482e 2011/09/09–10

1482e 2011/09/09–10 20:30–22:00 EDT Foxmead POD 8 13cmrr

Aligned Sirius mount on Altair and Alpheratz. Alignment was quite a bit off, probably because polar axis isn't pointing exactly at north celestial pole. I will try adjusting the mount in daylight, as it's too heavy and awkward to do in the dark. I left the scope pointing at Polaris at the end of the session.

Moon: Gassendi and Artistarchus well placed, just as described in my article this week on
Observed with new 13mm Tele Vue Ethos (73x), and with Orion binoviewer with two 25mm Plössls and 2x Shorty Barlow in cell attached directly to nosepiece (∼150x).

Double stars: Almach: Blue secondary just barely visible at 38x, very nice with binoviewer (∼150x).

Observations discontinued due to bright Moon, poor seeing, and rising fog.

Temperature: 13°C

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