Sunday, August 28, 2011

1480e 2011/08/28–29

1480e 2011/08/28–29 21:00–00:35 EDT Foxmead E deck & E pad 8 ne 13cmrr

ISS: I noticed in Starry Night that the ISS was currently in the W, went out on the deck, and there it was!

Observing with 127mm Explore triplet apo on Sirius GoTo mount, 38x:

Deep sky objects: M71. From here slewed to:

Comet Garradd: Tiny wisp of fuzziness.

DSOs: M27, M31, M32, M110, M8, M16, M17.

Double stars: Albireo, Epsilon Lyrae, Eta Cassiopeia, Polaris, SS Cygni.

Neptune: Tiny blue green spot.

The Sirius mount is really cool, how it moves in RA and Dec to get from one object to another!

Back out again a few minutes before midnight for my first look at Jupiter for the year.
Jupiter @ 190x; is crystal clear and contrasty. The SEB is back in spades.

DSOs: Had a look at M31/32/110 @ 24x and 60x. The latter was most impressive (Nagler 16): all three galaxies nicely framed, and M31 stretching right across the field of view. M33 huge @ 60x. Double cluster magnificent @ 24x. Also looked at M34 and M76.

Setting up and taking down the refractor is a real pain—I've been spoiled by the POD! Since I suspect it will be a while before the CPC1100 is back in action, I think I'll install the 127mm apo in the POD tomorrow.

Temperature: 8.1°C

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