Monday, July 4, 2011

1472e 2011/07/03-04

1472e 2011/07/03-04 22:30–01:30 EDT Foxmead POD 8 28cmsc

Saturn: Looked for Enceladus, which was at elongation, but couldn't see it. 175x


Pluto: Did not appear to be exactly in position shown in Starry Night, so I plotted what I thought was Pluto, and will check again in a night or two. 255x

Deep sky objects: mostly 70x
Deer Lick Galaxy NGC 7331
Blue Snowball 175x
Stephans Quintet 175x: could only see hint of fuzzies
M31/32/110 M76 M33 M57
Ghost of Almach NGC 404

Double stars: Almach, Psi Psc, 61 Cyg, ε Peg

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